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Xcellence takes a look at some of the restaurants that are redefining our perception of fine dining and what it means to go green. Helmed by talented chef Dan Barber, the simple yet delicious farm-fresh food sourced from the surrounding fields and pastures is transformed into groud-breaking dishes. Also housing the Stone. Barn educational centre, guests can understand more about what they eat and are invited to visit the farm.

There are no menus, as such, but instead a parade of thirty or more bites and courses to suit all tastes. Barber continues to blur the line between the dining experience and the educational, bringing the principles of good farming directly to the table. Opened in in Copenhagen by Christian F. The dining concept is centred around no-fuss comfort food and natural wines, while their manifesto states that simplicity with quality comes first. Fully committed to the sustainable movement, the space is simply styled with wooden tables and chairs, while diners are invited to help themeselves with cutlery and to pour their own wine.

Offering four to seven courses, with vegetables put centre stage, the dishes served could be compared to a long symphony of flavours, textures and ideas to be experienced as a whole. With the mission of being sustainable in every way possible, guests dine on some of the finest produce France has to offer — with a menu that consists of eighty per cent vegetables and where every single person on the food chain received a fair treatment.

Overall, Septime encompasses everything from protecting the environment to preserving historical techniques and creating harmony throughout the entire system. If you are not able to get a table at the restaurant, try the small but brilliantly accomplished wine bar Septime La Cave on the other side of the street. A traditional rural landscape of Japan, the Satoyama Initiative focuses on harmonising society with nature. Narisawa places seasonal produce front and centre, bringing nature to plate through the careful curation of a few core ingredients.

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Strong believers in objects of enduring quality, Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann create generational products that take a permanent place in the home. Together with the help of managing partner and CEO Anne-Marie Buemann, they work with a diverse range of clients to produce award-winning designs and premium products.

Their solution was to design a warm and intimate atmosphere that provided guests with a sense of being welcomed into a sophisticated but down-to-earth dinner party at a private residence. In order to create noteworthy design, their view is that the process must be motivated by a desire to inspire people on an emotional level.

The space they created for the flagship jewellery store of floral designer Nicoli Bergmann is a meticulous assembly of contrasts; heavy contemporary woods were balanced with bright natural light and soft furniture. OEO design studio is in no way moved by visually. Their goal is to always produce objects that are beautiful, environmentally sympathetic and relevant.

For Brdr. Accented with elegant and durable fabrics, the products were instant classics that perfectly captured a sense of modern sophistication. Their deceptively simple designs made the collection of earthy yet chic chairs and bar stools versatile enough for hospitality or domestic use. When approached by six craft companies from Kyoto looking to bring their traditional crafts to an international stage, OEO Studio was all in. Together, they came up with new designs that could be produced using 1,year-old traditions in ceramics, metalknitting, tea wares, wood and bamboo craft.

The final result was to create a new umbrella brand that could be properly curated to showcase a variety of heritage products reimagined in novel and compelling new designs. By adapting their passion and know-how, OEO Studio was able to help create a refined collection of bespoke products made with materials that will age gracefully into family heirlooms. The work of Kaikado, Kohchosai Kosuga, Nakagawa Mokkougei and Hosoo present a diversity of elegant yet accessible design forms that shift focus from pure visuals to the conscious enjoyment of a more tactile experience.

In this way, they are successfully able to acquaint a new global audience to the poetry and soul of Japanese design. The subsequent import of tin from England inspired the company's founder Kiyosuke to design the first tin tea caddy. A necessity for maintaining freshness, air tight containers were essential in the time before refrigeration. Welldesigned and functional, many orders came in from tea dealers and hardware merchants. Kiyosuke took bespoke orders and made them according to the needs of each store.

The step manufacturing process and even the original die and moulds are still in use today. Six generations later the basic design still avoids excessive detail but additional materials such as brass, copper and silver have been incorporated into production. After many rounds of use and polishing, these natural materials age gracefully with changes in colour and patina.

Their latest Objects Collection includes tea pots, water pitchers, trays, vases, champagne coolers and more. An ideal substitute for wood, its rapid growth and lack of need for pesticides has allowed this raw material to exist in abundance for generations. Using aesthetics derived from their founder — an Edo era painter whose work can be seen in the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts — Kohchosai Kosuga has specialised in bamboo artistic handicrafts since Harvested during the winter months, the bamboo is steamed to remove oils and then dried in the sun for several weeks.

When ready, it is cut with a specialised kiku-wari knife and, depending on the product, can be further cut down to a thickness of 0. Dyed two or three times before and after weaving, items are finished with a generous lacquering. The Sartorial Collection, created with OEO Studio, combines the company's philosophy of innovation with a style-savvy functionality well-suited for contemporary lifestyles. Using only local materials from various regions, they select wood depending on the final use of the product.

For rice bowls they use certain species of Cypress for its acid resistance and mild aroma while others with antibacterial and water resistant properties are used for the creation of bathtubs. The typical process calls for arranging strips of wood into a circle and binding them with a metal or bamboo strip on the outside. However, Shuji Nakagawa, as the third generation of the family business, brought a new approach to the yearold technique. It was the nobles of the Imperial courts of Kyoto and the samurai class that first appreciated the Nishijin technique for its ability to produce fine garments and kimonos.

Today, Hosoo remains well-known for their skills with traditional Japanese three-dimensional weaving techniques. The process begins with the creation of a hand painted pattern. The yarn is then dyed to match the pattern. The process of dying the yarn is painstakingly done in.

The most unique aspect of this type of fabric is the inclusion of gold and silver which is shredded and woven with silk thread. The looming process creates a richly textured Nishijin weave that incorporates contemporary design. Connected to the global luxury market, Hosoo provides woven materials for both fashion, textile and hospitality clients like The Four Seasons and The Ritz-Carlton.

She adores dripping chandeliers and boudoir touches with an air of grace, the full endeavour is needed to impress this holiday season. Luckily for you we have picked a selection of luxuriously elegant ideas to make that special lady in your life beam with happiness. Christmas ideas for the traditionally modern gentleman, no novelty socks here!

The company began as a simple equestrian and military tailor shop in , when the founder, Henry Huntsman, purchased an existing business from a forty-year-old gaiter and breeches maker. Huntsman became a destination tailor in the s during the golden age of cinema. In , Huntsman acquired its first Royal Warrant as the maker of leather breeches for the Prince of Wales. The commissions quickly expanded to Prince Albert and finally to Queen Victoria herself in , which established them as the go-to supplier for riding country attire.

His sons attest that he never owned a pair of jeans, and wore his tweed until the elbows and knees needed patching. They inherited their fathers dapper wardrobe and still wear his blazers today, elbow patches and all — a testament to the lifetime quality and character of Huntsman cloth and tailoring. After the company took up a Savile Row address in , their bespoke service offerings expanded to include suits and evening wear. Elegant and comfortable, it has remained the ideal choice for public figures and statesmen who require a sharp look for daily use.

In addition to the glamorous set, Huntsman has contributed to the sporting world. Lead by Prince Harry and dressed in full bespoke riding gear and suits, the Huntsman team won the Sentebale Polo Cup. They also created the driving suits for industrial. If you want to keep cool, roll your sleeves up! Save these for weekend wear, if at all! Their participation in the and Mille Miglia Storica required clothing suited for long distance drives in open top classic cars.

Even though their bespoke services are available to fulfil any kind of request, most clients opt for a suit or sports jacket in the classic house style. Developed over one hundred years ago, the classic style is a hybrid of a classic riding jacket and a dinner suit: firm shoulders and high arm holes paired with a defined waist and the clean and subtly accentuated lines of military tailoring.

Created using thirty-five different measurements and configurations, each suit is doted upon with over sixty hours of tailoring. The refined look is the work of not only the tailor but of the cloth. Numerous intimate conversations between client and tailor inform the design and development of every new cloth. Every year they commission an updated version of the perfect suit; accessible enough for daily wear yet still heavy enough to bring gravitas to the boardroom. Always on the leading edge, Huntsman became the first Savile Row tailor to take up permanent residence in New York City.

This is in addition to their overseas The most versatile suit of all is a classic navy worsted two piece. It will always hit the right note. A major endeavour, their circuit includes several major cities in Asia, both US coasts and the Middle East. This pioneering service meets the needs of the clients by providing access to company tailors three to four times per year. Like becoming part of a understated club, the Huntsman silhouette is distinct and many clientele find it easily recognisable, even at a distance.

Dedicated to working exclusively with discreet colours and classic fits, Huntsman continues to exemplify the ultimate look of the perfect gentleman. Overwhelmed with choices, Xcellence has rounded up its top selection of travel essentials to keep you rolling. Crafted with premium calf leather, the easyon-the-eyes contrast suede lining holds a removable padded roll that will accommodate a diversity of watch styles.

The aerospace-grade polycarbonate shell that can take a hit and still spring back into shape sits on near silent all-terrain wheels. Davidoff: Travel Humidor Lightweight, this modern travel humidor is perfect for the aficionado on the move. Available in three designs to best fit your needs: Explorer, Outdoor and Business. The inlay features a flexible wave design and can securely. Equipped with gold-plated hardware and top-grain pebbled leather, it easily holds two suits and a pair of shoes with still more room in the front pockets for accessories and large rear pouch for a tablet or magazine.

Perfectly sized, it meets all international carry-on requirements. The bottle, produced by Baccarat craftsmen from an archive drawing, proves itself to be a shining example of modernity. The Rouge flacon weighs in at grams and is comprised of facets: ninety-six on the bottle, sixty-four on the stopper, while raised gilding is achieved by brushing a mixture of gold powder and a binding agent over re-fired matt enamel. Kurkdjian is fascinated by the way crystal is produced and has made every effort to capture the essence of the Baccarat process. Only pieces have been produced in the Baccarat workshops, making this engraved, fine-gold gilded jewel box a work of art.

An iconic brand, Baccarat is mainly known to produce home, decoration, lighting and jewelry collections in crystal. The humidor opens to reveal hand-blown crystal containers that form the hub of the elegant humidification system, complete with bespoke German precision instruments for monitoring, as well as Swiss-made accessories and chrome hardware. A native of Sweden, Eriksson-Ahuja has often worked on exclusive interior design projects for clients across the globe, and her new tea humidor, personally designed by her for her tea-loving husband, is an invention that is very close to her heart.

Xcellence takes a moment to shine the spotlight on this innovative creation. The exquisite wood marquetry of the exterior is available in five different designs. Widely revered as one of the greatest authorities on tea in the world,. Lotusier is currently researching charitable causes relating to global tea plantation workers, to which it will donate ten per cent of profits from sales of the Lotusier Tea Humidor, so that you can also appreciate this exceptional creation guilt free. The resort is an indulgent retreat, set upon a private island where each detail has been meticulously cared for to provide the utmost in service and comfort.

Opened in July , the Royal Residence is a luxurious five-bedroom accomodation located on the far end of the island. It spreads across an impressive 3, square metres and is the ideal getaway for families and groups of friends, comfortably hosting up to fourteen guests. No luxury is spared: the residence is home to two private swimming pools overlooking the private beach, a dedicated restaurant set atop a Dhoni-shaped deck, a private spa, gym and Jacuzzi. The experience at the Royal Residence begins already upon arrival in the Maldives. Guests receive a complimentary priority customs service and a personal welcome at the airport, followed by a luxury yacht transfer to the island.

Tucked away from the rest of the resort, the residence is a private paradise of undisturbed peace and tranquility. In its heart resides the Sanctuary suite, which features a king-sized bed, a walk-in wardrobe and separate indoor living area. To complete the opulence, the Sanctuary has its own outdoor Jacuzzi with TV, a private massage room and a gym with state-of-the-art equipment.

Created with families in mind, the Royal Residence also houses two Guest Villas, one kingsized suite and one twin-bed suite, flanking the main Sanctuary on either side. An additional two-storey, two-bedroom Guest House with its own swimming pool and private white sandy beach is also available for additional guests. Left Jettisoning out like a massive ship, the Teppanyaki style restaurant of the Royal Residence is shaped like a traditional Maldivian Dhoni Below With space for up to fourteen guests, the Royal Residence includes two guest villas, one guest house, one sanctuary, its own private beach and two swimming pools.

Guests can take advantage of personalised concierge service, including private butlers, dedicated golf buggies and chauffeurs. All water sports and excursion activities are offered directly from the private beach at the Royal Residence, allowing guests to enjoy their holiday in complete privacy. The custom interiors reflect the subtle sense of luxury that permeates the property.

A crystal curtain in the living pavilion was handmade in India, whilst the carpets were woven according to designs provided by the Jumeirah Vittaveli team. The massive wooden headboards of the beds were sculpted using Suar wood and Balau wood was employed in the structural woodwork throughout.

Four bespoke pieces of artwork. Now that we have crossed the five-year milestone, we wanted to present something spectacular. The design elements of the Royal Residence are taken from the resort and made even more opulent, its space and layout is second to none. Guests will enjoy unrivalled privacy with a totally personalised service, while still having access to the activities and facilities that our award-winning resort offers. Since the dawn of time, mankind has pondered the stars and their meaning, and technological advancements of the 20th and 21st centuries have propelled space travel to a new level.

What is it that fuels this fascination and desire to explore? Made In Space, a US-based company that manufactures in space, is leveraging the unique properties of the space environment to develop solutions to commercial, industrial, research and defence challenges. Xcellence sat together with Andrew Rush, President and CEO, to find out more about his company and where he envisions the future of living and working in space.

A big hurdle to having offices and factories in space is having the ability to create the infrastructure necessary to enable people to live and work there. We see our technology as something that changes how we think about building in space. To the average person, the unforgiving conditions in space hardly seem ideal for working. Are there any challenges that you face in your work as a result? Are there any clear advantages? Above Archinaut can harness its proprietary internal extended structure 3-D printer and advanced robotics to manufacture and assemble satellites in space Below Though not without challenges, manufacturing in microgravity has revolutionised 3-D printing.

Our team is a diverse group of women and men from all around the United States.

Serengeti, Tanzania in HD

Some of our team have technical backgrounds, others have business or creative backgrounds. Where do you see this practice headed in the coming decade? While not all of our systems employ additive manufacturing as a mode of construction e. Made In Space Fiber Optics , most of them do. In the coming decade, we expect to see 3-D printing become more widely used for in-space applications, both inside and outside of spacecraft. Made In Space also produces fibre optics. What are some of the key differences between terrestrial and extra-terrestrial fibre optics?

Optical fibre transmits a signal by sending light through the fibre. These crystals reduce the strength of the signal being transmitted. Do you think that market demand will eventually lead to the need for a second orbiting station? We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with NASA. Operating our systems on the ISS has provided important data for us to continue to improve our in-space manufacturing capabilities. As private space companies begin to forge plans to have modules and stations on orbit in the next several years, we definitely plan on being a part of several of those missions.

What inspired its conception? Archinaut was designed to enable the next generation of on orbit manufacture and assembly. Using its advanced robotics and extended structure 3-D printer, the system can be used to achieve any number of big manufacture and assembly jobs in space. Archinaut may be used to build and assemble spacecraft and satellites, repair existing systems, and create intricate networks of connective lattice structures. Ultimately this technology removes current design constraints on spacecraft and satellite by shifting the paradigm of building these craft on Earth, to building them in space, where they will no longer have to endure the harshness of rocket launch.

By enabling larger builds, more advanced spacecraft and removing launch-related design constraints, Archinaut has the potential to completely change how we think about building things for space. Indulge your inner techie with our cool and classy collection of no-nonsense buys that will add a bit of beauty, efficiency and bragging rights to your everyday life.

Loewe: Bild 5 Oled One of the first television manufacturers to return to the use of natural materials, the retro-grained oak floor stand makes the ultra-slim high-tech screen of the Bild 5 appear almost weightless. At a thickness of 4. Modular elements allow choices in colour and material from silver oak to piano black.

The Bild 5 Oled comes with 1 TB of storage space for pausing and recording multiple live programmes, optional eighty-watt soundbar and high-resolution audio transmission to wireless speakers or headphones. Pininfarina: Elettronica Limited Edition The latest collaboration between sports car designer Pininfarina and bicycle producer Diavelo is a celebration of the successful E-voluzione collection debuted last year.

Available in January , production will remain limited to eighty-eight pieces. In transparency mode, the audibility of colleagues or traffic noise over the music can now be adjusted. Splash and dust resistant, the Beoplay E8 can play four hours of music with one charge. Ruark Audio: R7 high fidelity radiogram Determined to look as good as it sounds, the all-new slimmed down Ruark A7, made with walnut, soft grey lacquer and British-milled fabric, looks more like a piece of finely crafted furniture than a piece of audio equipment.

Able to. It contains several features that allow it to play CDs, MP3s, connect to a turntable and stream music from Spotify or any personal device. As the leading aerospace event in the Middle East, the edition of the Dubai Airshow brings together more than 1, exhibitors from across the globe, including Asia, the Americas and large representations from both Europe and the Middle East.

Held at the DWC, the event traditionally attracts leading international aerospace companies. Closing off an adrenaline-packed Formula 1 season, the final championship race is returning to the 5. In celebration of the event, the outlets and promenade area will be open to the public during the festival, with seven on-site restaurants and two exclusive pop-ups.

Showcasing an electric atmosphere with a weekendlong array of activities, fine dining and world-class entertainment to complement the awe-inspiring spectacle of the F1 race on the track. The circuit is renowned for hosting the first F1 twilight race and for being one of the few venues on the F1 calendar with a counter-clockwise track.

The opening leg of the intercontinental Longines Masters Series begins in Paris, where aficionados and amateurs alike will convene on the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre for a riveting experience of the best in equestrian sport and art de vivre. Bringing together the best riders and horses from across the globe, the premier event in jumping takes place across four days with captivating face-offs that will thrill and inspire audiences. In addition to the fine display of sportsmanship, the event is also one of unparalleled cultural breadth, combining the best in gastronomy, arts, performance, music and fashion.

A new competition has been added to the programme with the Riders Masters Cup, a legendary battle between Europe and the United States in a show that is not to be missed! In the 13th edition, Design Miami remains a global forum for design, bringing together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics. A strong presence of historic and contemporary American designers will be felt throughout the fair, as well as global variations on modernism. Three galleries are making their Design Miami debut, and notable presentations include solo shows at Galerie kreo, featuring limitededition design work from Paris-based brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and Magen H Gallery, which features furniture by French designer and master wood craftsman Pierre Chapo.

First premiered in the legendary venue, the four-act verismo opera is renowned for its magnificent lyrical-dramatic music for the tenor lead.

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The venue draws its name from having been built on the site of a Gothic church called Santa Maria alla Scala. The theatre was founded in under the auspices of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. The theatre is best known, however, for its audience, one of the liveliest and most discerning in the world. Since its inaugural race in , the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has drawn talents and spectators from across the globe for nautical miles of endeavour, drive and determination.

In the 72nd edition, 5, yachts started the race, with 4, finishing.