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Vengeance for the Capo di tutti Capi. His war with Rocco instigating the involvement of the Adano family, Vincenzo must now contend with the Don of Perugia and the son who broke the twenty year old treaty between their families. His atrocious murders making headlines across the nation, the rising body count leaves her fearing the worst for everyone involved.

Get A Copy. Paperback , Alternate Cover edition. Published September first published January 23rd More Details Edition Language. Saletti Blood 3. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Casualties of War , please sign up. Is there going to be a 4th book? Is this a cliffhanger? Vana V. Yes, there is a fourth book coming. I have been behind on this, as I've been working on other projects.

My outline is complete, and I intend to begin …more Yes, there is a fourth book coming. My outline is complete, and I intend to begin writing book 4 this summer. I apologize for the LONG delay. Believe me, I am more upset than any of my readers that I haven't had the chance to finish this one yet. See 1 question about Casualties of War…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details.

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More filters. Sort order. May 20, Clare rated it it was amazing. Well what can I say Vana has done it again, what a fantastic 3rd book I just loved it so much all 3 books have been brilliant and are up there with some of the best books I have read this year if not the best, thanks to the lovely Jan if it wasn't for her I wouldn't of even seen these books, Vana you are one brilliant writer thanks for such a lovely read.

View all 4 comments. Nov 13, Sum1 rated it liked it. I know I wasn't very enthusiastic over the second book of this series. Ok, ok, I was down right unimpressed but for some reason I was compelled to read the third and what I thought would be the final book of the series. I'm glad I did. It was sooooo much better than book two! I think because it focussed less on Novella and her childish antics and more a solid story line that was filled with shovels, shallow graves and death. Vincenzo is still hot and manly, if a little unhinged at times but that s I know I wasn't very enthusiastic over the second book of this series.

Vincenzo is still hot and manly, if a little unhinged at times but that suits his role as Il Capo perfectly.

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Novella was still childish but it was a huge reduction from last time, for which I was grateful. I wish the author didn't feel the need to explain what is insinuated so much and trust that the reader will understand what is meant just through the conversations and body language description that she has already provided. Plus, when you have so many POV's in there already, it is completely unnecessary, as little is left to the imagination. All in all, this was a decent read and I'm glad I persevered.

A solid 3. Oct 29, B. Ok, the first book I was willing to let go of a lot of what I didn't like for the sake of entertainment. Book three, unfortunately, I just can't do it I skipped book two. This is not a mafia romance. Calling a character "il capo" does not a mob boss make. Novella is extremely annoying and childish, and is a complete idiot. Vincenzo is not even close to being a Don, and there is nothing about this character that would ever make you think otherwise.

The first book was entertaining, but look else Ok, the first book I was willing to let go of a lot of what I didn't like for the sake of entertainment. Will his family give the order to end her life, or will they find a reason to spare her? He just chose not to. Why else would you continue this way? All of this could stop if you told me what I wanted to hear.

What he was going to give him was a taste of his own malicious medicine. Overpowered and outnumbered, he was dragged to the wall that had become visibly stained with his own blood over the years. I promise you that. Passports in hand while leaving the plane, Ayana and Novella Lachlan made their way to the customs counter where the Italian carabinieri stood staring right at them. They got looks from men and women alike. Ayana not as amused as her sister, Novella got a good laugh from it while falling into his warm embrace, right up until her twin decided to ask what they were both thinking.

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Not immune to the tears she was on the verge of shedding as they began wheeling their luggage from the terminal, Novella understood why her sister abandoned her bags on the curb beside the Nissan Armada to climb into the front seat. Though upset herself, Novella had learned long ago to just go with the flow.

It was easier that way. But Ayana had always been the more sensitive one when it came to their mother, perhaps because she was the youngest of the two and considered to be the baby. And perhaps because she was the oldest by a mere few minutes, Novella had always taken it upon herself to not only be the protective one, but the leader as well. No doubt, those plans would entail going to the local night club, where the majority of their friends from high school spent their weekends hanging out and dancing with the local nationals and the airmen stationed at the base. Enough to know it was just better to keep Ayana out of trouble when possible.

Finding the back seat of the SUV, Novella heard Elijah griping from behind the wheel when a flashy Mercedes pulled in front of them, blocking them in. That driver climbing from the car and making his way to the curb, she swore her stepfather was about to ask him to move up a little until he started talking under his breath about the size of that man.

Elijah was now trying to talk her into asking him to move his car, but she was more interested in finding the iPod in the luggage behind her before they began the hour long drive to Aviano. And it was while she was turned around and searching for it that her sister caught sight of the blue eyes coming from the terminal. A shaved head and a closely cropped goatee sitting on a handsome face were all Ayana needed to turn her frown upside down.

You better quit, Elijah cautioned her then, having caught her wandering eyes on the man who had to have been in his thirties. I can look," Ayana said with a smirk, though a bit embarrassed that Elijah was onto her. But the discovery of a drained battery killed any curiosity she may have had for the man her sister had taken an interest in, because without the music on her iPod to listen to, it was going to be an even longer drive home.

Damn her for loaning it to Ayana during their layover. Yes , Ewan Darby knew better than to ask, which is exactly why he had. Speaking of which…. Unable to ignore his continued swerving in and out of the congested Venetian lanes, he was about to tell him to slow down when the loyal Englishman he regarded as his best friend beat him to it. And of course his father would be pleased.

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A situation that had been stressing his old man out, beckoning him to put an end to the discomfort it had been causing him for weeks. Was that supposed to be more sarcasm coming from Ewan, who was well aware of his dislike for airline food? A week of wondering if he was okay or if he needed anything that he was too proud to ask the family for. They simply had different lives to lead. And knowing their father would be asking of his baby brother the moment he returned, he knew he best be prepared with an accurate update. He just prayed it was one that would please their father, once and for all.

It seemed just about everyone who mattered to them was here. From the sassy Puerto Rican bombshell Ayana called her best friend, Veronica Fuentas, to the petite cheerleader Novella had hated leaving behind while visiting their grandparents, Ally Rhodes. Nor did she really want one, unlike her sister, who was constantly keeping an eye open for that special someone to come along.

Not even to her part time job after school at the commissary, where she and Novella both worked bagging groceries. It was getting to the point Novella had suggested telling Elijah, who could put a stop to it with one phone call, but Ayana had refused. She was afraid that if she did then everyone would give her a hard time for getting him into trouble.

Lono, their self-proclaimed big brother, was always ready to defend them when a situation called for it. And the situation was now calling for it, for no sooner had Kelvin zoomed in on Ayana getting her groove on the dance floor and he was moving in her direction, trying to pull her away from the safety of their friends. It took a group of airmen the girls knew to persuade him to let go, but he only did so because the threat of a fight lingered heavily in the air.

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A fight Veronica was helping to instigate by going off on him in Spanish. Then you should know to be scared of me, Zayne called out as he stormed the floor, his big fist drawing back as the girls ducked out of the way. The last thing she wanted was for him to get hurt on their behalf.

And there was also nothing new about having to hold Veronica back before she could follow them outside to egg on the tussle. Especially tonight, since her oversized boyfriend happened to be among those getting kicked out of the club. Ayana sounded mortified by the accusation coming from Dennis, denying responsibility for the brawl taking place beyond the doors the bouncers were now pulling closed.